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Welcome to OnlineSpreadTrading UK’s blog, the financial services and online spread betting information service that you will actually want to read! OnlineSpreadTrading.co.uk is your no-nonsense guide to Spread Betting.

Made up of professionally researched spread betting articles written in clear and concise language. We shall bring you choice news stories, beautiful quotes and exciting anecdotes from the financial markets of the world. We aim to become a valuable tool for anyone wanting to learn how to spread bet.

To begin, the following piece of wisdom, courtesy of Peter Beutel, president of trading consultants Cameron Hanover in New Canaan, Connecticut:

“Energy demand destruction and the dollar return have formed a quiet alliance to bring the oil market down, and today the louder of the two is the dollar.”

You hear that?

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My name is Dan and I am the founder of The Online Spread Trading Site and a private investor.

A more accurate description of what I do is trade shares, rather than invest in them; I open trades (spread bets) on UK shares in order to close trades at a higher price than I opened them. I use a spread betting firm rather than a traditional stock broker because of leverage (more on that later) and not having to pay capital gains tax on spread betting profits under current UK legislation (Jan 2012)

What I Do

I live and work full time in the UK. I research and trade UK shares part time during the evenings with research on weekends using a spread betting firm, charts and news. I began trading in 2005 and like a lot of newbies I traded everything I saw: currencies, US Shares, commodities; you name it, I tried to trade it. The worst thing about it, apart from losing a lot of money, is that I traded with no trading plan and no concept of risk. Many of the books and advice aimed at new traders at the time did not even cover the importance of a trading plan, let alone show people how to design their own.

This led me to develop a simple, straightforward trading plan and strategy that I still use to this day. I started by:

  • Finding out the real reasons why some people make money from the stock market.
  • Finding out the real reasons why most people lose money to the stock market.

I also realised that changing my mind about trades and jumping in and out of spread bets is not the way to make money in financial markets.


All trading carries a high degree of risk. Spread betting is particularly risky in view of the leverage involved. Whilst you can make a lot of money fast you can also lose a lot of money fast unless you employ risk management techniques.

All my posts are provided for educational purposes only to show you what results I achieved with my particular bets and and are not provided as financial advice on trading.

I take no responsibility for your trading results if after reading my blog you make a bet. This is not a solicitation to bet merely a log of my specific bets and reflections upon them and learning points for myself.

Disclaimer: Spread betting and day trading is risky. I’m well aware of how easy it is to lose money on spreadbets, I’ve been there, got burnt, tried again and got burnt a little less but I’m a very determined bugger and while I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed i generally find a way.

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