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Spread Betting iPhone App

Mobile trading platforms are now available for a variety of devices, including the iPhone from Apple, the BlackBerry and Android-powered phones. Most providers also
offer platforms for Windows mobiles.

Traders with these handsets can usually download a mobile platform through the phone itself, typically by accessing some kind of ‘app’ centre, which is essentially a hub for a diverse range of software applications specially designed for that device. It may also be possible to download the platform online and then install it on to the phone. Apple’s ‘App Store’, for example, is easily accessible either directly through the iPhone, or online via iTunes, while BlackBerry users can delve into RIM’s ‘App World’.

Depending on your strategy, the ability to move quickly could be the difference between realising a profit or a loss. With markets becoming increasingly volatile, it is important traders maintain access to price fluctuations and can get in and out of positions as the touch of a button, wherever they are. Mobile trading gives them the ability to do this

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